Sustainability Analysis for Existing Building (SAFEB)

We also recognize that a full-blown LEED certification is not necessarily an appropriate goal for every project. With that in mind, SIEGAL/TUOMAALA has established the GREEN BUILDING AND SUSTAINABILITY GROUP consisting of a team of construction professionals to help building owners and operators analyze, consider and incorporate sustainable design into their facilities.

The team developed the SUSTAINABLE ANALYSIS FOR EXISTING BUILDINGS, a checklist of categorized items including site, building envelope, building systems and building operations.

With the completion of the checklist inspection, each category is reviewed and recommendations are made for improvements in that category.

The group will also focus on available federal, state and local tax credits, as well as suggested payback periods for modifications as a return for the investment. Operational guidelines will be provided that can make the building more sustainable, extend equipment life and help make the building more competitive, more profitable and a higher valued asset for the owner.